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Witness the haunting tale of "The Singing Armadillo and The Rat Child were nowhere to be found." This chilling and enigmatic story unveils the dark side of a fading circus world, where innocence is lost, cruelty thrives, and the outcome is not what one expects.

In the heart of a decaying city center, Bernie, a vile and eccentric circus owner, embarks on a desperate quest to recover two of his most profitable freak show attractions: a singing armadillo and a deformed rat child. 


Bernie had "rescued" the rat child from an orphanage in Quebec City, and his Singing Armadillo emitted a mesmerizing melody that drew crowds in by the dozen. However, his brutal handling and relentless cruelty compelled them to escape. Now, he prowls the desolate streets nursing a mean streak bent on violence and vengeance.


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