Evolving Truths


Growing up with an 8mm camera and shooting short films at the spritely age of thirteen sounds like a great way to start a bio as a filmmaker: However, that wasn’t me. I was born and raised in an Italian household in San Jose, California. As a child, I would sometimes wake up and sit by the fireplace with my grandfather in the early morning hours. On occasion, he would weave me thrilling stories about pirates and sunken treasure as he sipped on wine and smoked Camel filter-less cigarettes. His tall stories and influence drove me toward learning more about history while concurrently digesting as many stories about pirates that I could find.


As I grew up, I spent much of my youth either skateboarding or reading about treasure hunters such as Mel Fisher and Robert F. Marx. It wasn't until I moved to Eugene, Oregon for college that my dream of discovering underwater treasure ceased for I didn't know how to scuba dive and the NW coast is insanely cold. So, I decided to focus my studies, at the ripe age of 23, toward becoming a filmmaker. If I couldn't excavate stories of the past -- I would imagine stories of the future. Being a storyteller is my life and I couldn't think of a more expressive medium to be part of. 

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