Static Curiosities

The beauty of an apartment building facade could be considered subversive. Often times, it nestles behind an otherwise unheeded reality -- one of hidden agenda, close in proximity to its occupant's underlying 'need' rather than their 'want'. These domiciles collect their human occupants and define them with direct intent, unapologetic in their affront. One of the ways they do this is through the donning of clever names such as 'The Nordell' or 'Princess Sue'. Do these names represent the occupants? When they move in, are they called Nordinians? Who is Princess Sue and do the dwellers of that building grant her their devoted allegiance? More than likely, no... for the occupants are constrained by economic binds such as rent prices and therefore become subjected and branded during their guaranteed, temporary stay.

Instagram: Explorer of city streets

"The quiet is a companion who never interrupts you."


One day, I watched a couple taking photos of their coffee and couldn't fathom why... as it's just a cup of coffee. One might surmise the principle rational could simply be to share the aesthetic (color, foam art, composition) but who knows? People are odd creatures. Below is a series of photos I took over a year of my coffee and whatever objects I had around me.

Instagram: Portland Coffee Admirer

"Coffee. A metaphor. Addictive reality. Subjective & subject to being shot with everyday items for reasons unknown."


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