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Coffee Compozition NFT Collection

"Coffee. A metaphor. Addictive reality. Subjective & subject

to being shot with everyday items for reasons yet unknown."

Drops on
Spring 2023

One might surmise the principle rational of coffee photography is to share the drink's aesthetic

(color, foam art, composition). For me, it is a discovery of metaphor. For the past several years

I have composed shots with random objects placed around a single cup of coffee to explore

whether a relationship exists between the two. Surprisingly, many shots have instigated and

inspired new thoughts, ideas, and a few have even brought back old memories.

This collection of 100 NFTs is the first in a series of coffee photography collections I will be releasing

this year. Each shot was composed almost daily, dependent on location, available light, surrounding

objects and whether I had a cup of coffee.


Mark Roush is a writer / director based in Boston, Massachusetts. He is also an experience editor and

producer who has edited hundreds of videos for Nike and Adidas, has produced music videos, short films, feature films and is best known for co-writing and directing the popular web-series Lady Wasteland. To learn more, visit his company website New Adjustment Productions.

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